Zoom Lift Series T-Back - Black & Red
Zoom Lift Series T-Back - Black & Red

Lift Series T-Back - Black & Red


Lift Series T-back- Black & Red

The secret of the 'aesthetic' look is not just acquiring a strong physique, but being able to compliment what you've built with the right apparel. Stand out from the crowds by wearing innovative and stylish gym apparel exclusive to Strong Lift Wear!

The Lift Series captures all that is ideal in a T-back.

Material: Viscose

Cut: T-back

Use: The T-back has been designed for training, however is worn caually during summer by the confident many! The T-back is a great option when training upper body as you are able to see your muscles contract, and the maximal exposure design provides the ultimate in breathability!


  • Superior fit and drape
  • Tapered cut with a low chest, slim shoulder straps and an extended tail to accentuate your shape
  • Moisture wicking material to keep you dry
  • Breathable yet tough
  • A light and comfortable feel
  • Easy care with printing that wont fade in the wash
  • Available in 4 colour combinations



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