Zoom Mid Shorts - Grey Camo
Zoom Mid Shorts - Grey Camo
Zoom Mid Shorts - Grey Camo
Zoom Mid Shorts - Grey Camo

Mid Shorts - Grey Camo

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Mid Shorts - Grey Camo

Material- Cotton/ Polyester Blend

Cut- Mid-length

Use- Everyday use; they can be worn as casual wear or as gym attire, or both! Our Mid Shorts are more conservative compared to our Lift Shorts. They feature minimal printing/branding, and provide maximum coverage.


  • A mid length cut, they sit just above the knee making them ideal for year-round training
  • A cotton blend material that is light, durable and easy to care for... these shorts are very comfortable!
  • Generous room and stretch to allow for squatting & deadlifting, or any other movement requiring flexibility
  • Two pockets, as well as a custom velcro-sealed pouch for your mp3 or phone to prevent them falling out during training
  • High quality stitching and embroidery
  • Available in 2 colours


*Please note this product features embroidery. Please take care when wearing and washing this item as objects may rub or become attached to the embroidery causing pulling.




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